The George Borrow Trust
(Charity Number 1114630)

Other Websites About George Borrow

Below is a small list of very useful and interesting websites that have relevant material about George Borrow and his social environments. Each link will open in a new window.

The George Borrow Society - This site has comprehensive information relating to everything to do with George Borrow including translations, publications and related bulletins.
The Lavengro Press The Lavengro Press was established for the purpose of publishing material relating to George Borrow. Titles include a range of reprints and new occasional papers. The Lavengro Press ceased publishing in late 2018.
The Charity Commission - An online view of public information about the George Borrow Society held by the Charity Commission . You can also view background information about the aims and workings of a British Registered Charity.
The British Association For Victorian Studies - This site gives a well documented academic view of the period contemporary with Borrow's own life and works, and provides considerable information on relevant conferences and facilities.
'Friends of the George Borrow Society' on Facebook The facebook page 'Friends of the George Borrow Society'.
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If you know of another website that has detailed information relevant to George Borrow's life and times (or the Trust) then please get in touch with us and we will add it to the list.